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As a result, many have survived as testimony to some of the most exquisite art quilt creations of the last couple centuries.In sharp contrast to Colonials, who recycled fabric by patching holes with remnants of other apparel out of necessity, Victorians used fabric scraps for embellishment.A product of the Industrial Revolution, women’s magazines became popular, touting crazy quilt patterns and examples of decorative embroidery stitches.

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Victorian ladies broke all of the rules of traditional quilt making: symmetry, color, functionality… For perhaps the first time in textile history, quilts were created for their beauty and artistic value rather than their warmth and usefulness.

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Head-on collisions of imagination and luxurious materials are credited for the creation of quilts in the exhibition "A Fairyland of Fabrics: The Victorian Crazy Quilt".

My grandmother made about a dozen quilts in her lifetime and having them around so much as a kid, I sort of took them for granted.

A time consuming but necessary task, scraps of worn-out clothing and bits of fabric were reused to create bedding. Milwaukee Art Museum, Purchase, with funds from Marion Wolfe, Mrs. Though these images were likely copied from pattern books, the personal quality of the work is evident in both its overall design, and the presence of embroidered names and initials, which you can see in the detail at right.

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