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During these releases, birds and bats might have fallen in if near the lake surface and terrestrials could be overwhelmed when near the lake shore.

Since the lake was very deep, animals that fell in it drifted downwards into oxygen- and bacteria-poor water, where they were preserved remarkably well, being overlaid by successive layers of mud that petrified later, thus producing an aggregation of fossils of exceptional quality, quantity, integrity, and variety.

Exhibits from the pit may be seen in the Messel town museum, the Museum of Hessen in Darmstadt (5 km from Messel) and also the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt-am-Main (some 30 km from Messel).

Casual visitors can park close to the pit and walk around 300 m to a viewing platform overlooking the pit.

Most other sites are lucky to contain partial skeletons, but Messel boasts extensive preservation of structural integrity, even going so far as to preserve the fur, feathers and "skin shadows" of some species.

Close to the Theresienwiese, at Westend, the newest Roomers has 281 rooms and suites, a Japanese restaurant IZAKAYA, a bar, meeting and event space for up to 300 guests as well as a large spa area. While having a quite similar professional background, the two of them complement each other perfectly: Micky has the eye for fashion, lifestyle, and design.

And yet, there are elements that tie all our hotels together. So head to the bar (not to mention the winner of Best Hotel Bar 2016) that sexy burlesque space for a Devil’s Advocate (tea-infused Campari, Belvedere vodka, lemon juice, runny honey, Roomers tea blend) and surely, you’ll soon reach Nirvana. You somehow feel as though effortlessly floating through space and lack of time, relaxed and beautiful.“ Courtney Lochner, Société Perrier “Doing everything with love, ease and passion“, as well as with “authenticity and courage“, enabled the Gekko-Boys Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu to realize groundbreaking hotel and gastronomy projects in Germany while reinventing hospitality at the same time.

Oil shale, formed by the slow anoxic deposition of mud and dead vegetation on the lake bed, is the primary rock at the site.

Its sediments extend 13 m (43 ft) downward and lie atop an older sandstone foundation.

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