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Learn how to work with channels that are enabled to perform live encoding.

On October 31, 1996, UK rock band Caduseus broadcast their one-hour concert from 11pm to 12am (UT) at Celtica in Machynlleth, Wales, UK – the first live streamed audio and simultaneous live streamed video multicast – around the globe to more than twenty direct "mirrors" in more than twenty countries.The earliest webcast equivalent of an online concert and one of the earliest examples of webcasting itself was by Apple Computer's Webcasting Group in partnership with the entrepreneurs Michael Dorf and Andrew Rasiej. Pakman from Apple, they launched the Macintosh New York Music Festival from July 17–22, 1995.This event audio webcast concerts from more than 15 clubs in New York City.Often produced by average citizens in their homes they cover many interests and topics.Webcasts relating to computers, technology, and news are particularly popular and many new shows are added regularly.

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