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The ultimate fashion experience arrives this weekend.London fashion Weekend is your ticket to explore the world of a fashion insider with daily catwalk shows, irresistible shopping at exclusive prices, and Q&A talks with leading industry experts including Anya Hindmarch and Bella Freud.The installation featured as part of this year's START art fair's curated projects, received overwhelming attention from press and visitors and as a result will be open to public free of charge.This unique exhibition offers a rare insider's perspective into the art of watchmaking within a family company.Artists include: Aiko, Alice Pasquini, Caratoes, Crajes, Elle, Faith47, Handiedan, Hueman, Lora Zombie, Madamoiselle Maurice, Marina Zumi, Martha Cooper, Mimi S, Miss Van, Olek, Sandra Chevrier, Vexta and Zabou.UK/raine launches the first ever open competition for all emerging artists from the UK and Ukraine who are aged 18-35 years old.

A collection of earlier works on paper by Calder dating from 1939 - 1959, will be simultaneously displayed at Omer Tiroche Gallery in Mayfair, London.

Exhibiting his work from two separate time periods in his career, in two separate locations, serves to create a comprehensive retrospective. A presentation of his graphically charged minimal painting. Metamorphosis will showcase the work of Korean artist Oh Myung Hee and draw attention to the constantly changing relationships between past and future, tradition and innovation showcased in her unique paintings. Gazelli Art House presents Philip Colbert's 'New Paintings'.

It also ensures that a greater number of works - both familiar and unfamiliar - can elucidate Calder's contribution to the development of modern art. Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism is dedicated to Russian protest art over the past 25 years. E., David Shillinglaw, Florence Blanchard, Kid Acne, Lily Mixe, Skeleton Cardboard, Sr. His works are created using layers of thinly applied household paint, with Yates adding random drawings onto the surfaces, using charcoal, oilstick and pencil. Colbert's boisterous multi-disciplinary art projects have been acclaimed by fashion icons such as Karl Lagerfeld and Lady Gaga and featured in pop up exhibitions worldwide at Art Basel, Frieze London, Art 16 and Tate Modern. The event brings to life everything you know and love about television's longest running docu-series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, over two days of unmissable experiences including: ultimate selfie opportunities, make-up masterclasses and more.

This exhibition will show a selection of 40 photographs from the reports of Newsha Tavakolian (Iran), Davide Monteleone (Chechnya), Robin Hammond (Zimbabwe), Massimo Berruti (Pashtunistan), Kai Wiedenhöfer (Gaza) and Christophe Gin (Lawless zones in France - Guiana). Mademoiselle Privé, a journey through the origins of CHANEL’s creations capturing the charismatic personality and irreverent spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

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    4214), by showing in detail that the original Sanskrit idiom has undergone a long series of gradual mutations, of which **v now see the ultimate result in the modern vernacular dialects of the north of India, The method whic K 1 have adopted to exhibit / ? 4 11 J with the existing spoken dialects, Urdu, Hindi, Mahratti, etc., and to show what the elements are of wjiich they are composed, viz., (1) pure Sanskrit, (2) modified Sanskrit, (3) Desya or aboriginal- non-Sanskrit words, and (4) words derived from Arabic 'and Persian. the latest which they hav acquired, and dates only from the Mahomedan invasion; while the sepond and third (in a more or less different form) are common to them with the Prakrits, "or older vernacular dialects, out of which they grew. 358-^44) I have sought * 7 [This passage has beei^ omitted in the present edition for the reasons stated in note 96, p. J V 8 [A sentence referring to^n opinion of Professor Benfey subsequently altered, is here omitted.] XX , PREFACE TO to adduce further arguments in support of the salne con- clusion, (l) r from the distinction drawn by the authors of the Yedic hymns between their own kinsmen, the Ag^as, and tiie tribes differing from them in complexion, customs, -and religion, whom they designate as Dasyus ; (2) from the accounts occurring in the Brahmanas and postt Yedic writings, of the gradual advance of the Aryas from the north-west of India to the east and south ; and c (3) from the well-established fact tha't the south-Indian languages are fundamentally different from the Sanskrit, L 'and imply a non-Arian origin in the people by whom they* were originally spoken. ' In mast,(br at least some) of these passages, it appears, Jiudian enemies and not demc-ns must be intended, under the appellation of Dasyus, as I infer both fr f om the tenor of the texts themselves, and because in later -writings, the Aitareya- brahmana, the Institutes of Manu, etc., this word is always applied to barbarous tribes. An attempt is made at the close of the section to ex- plain, (1) from the original positio^i of the Aryas, as an THE FIRST EDITION. 397405) I Quote the well-known passage from Manu's Institutes, which adverts to the superior sanctity of the country on the banks of the Sarasvati (which is in consequence pre 1 - sumed to have been for some time the seat of the most distinguished Indian sages, and the locality where} the Hindu institutions were chiefly developed), and defines the limits of the severajl provinces of Brahmanical India, as then recognized. 405421) presents a selection of passages from the greajt epic poem, the Eamayana, descriptive of the Eakshasas or gigantic demons by whom the Brahman settlers in southern India were oppressed and their t rites ob- structed, and whose monarch Eavana was vanquished and slain by t&e Indian hero Eama, with th,e aid of an army of monkeys. these poetic and hyperbolical descriptions, it is supposed (by some that) we can dis- cern the indistinct Vmtlines of a great movement of the Aryas from the Doab southward across the Yindhya XX11 PEEFACE TO range, and their conflicts with the aboriginal tribes of the Dekhan, the enemies of the Brahmans and their institutions. 422423) contains some frirdu .traditions re- o garding the tribes in the south of tk Q peninsula, which, however, are not considered to thro Ty any light on their real origin. 11 -The system I have followed is nearly thafe-^of Sir W. The distinctions be- tween some similar letters have not always been very 9 [See note 3, p. My obligations to these scholars are acknowledged in the text.

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