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As the user interaction with the system mostly through this hierarchical data, Tree View with check boxes is the most obvious selection. But the pain is how to let the user know the satus of what happened at the end of the usage? What we have done is shown below: At the end of any such usage scenario, put the message to the user in a session variable and reload the page: I am aware that the methods applied are not good, rather I shall say not at all meaningful from programming point of view.

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Here is the XAML for a Window which contains a Tree View configured to load and display that data: If you had, say, three related tables (Master – Detail Info) then you could have the ‘Detail Template’ be a Hierarchical Data Template whose Items Source was bound to the Data Relation between ‘Detail’ and ‘Detail Info,’ and the Item Template a Data Template which displays the pertinent information in that table.

One option was for clientside population of treeview. I shall request you to provide your valuable feedback and further suggestions on this.

But some dynamic changes happening to the underlying hierarchical data (by concurrent users), we needed to repopulate the tree from the database.

Microsoft does not support Tree View Control inside AJAX: Update Panel. But on any successive postback where there is no change in the checked Nodes, the Checked Nodes collection returns 0 count.

So there are lots of issues if one need to do the same. And in this point of time, though the Tree Nodes are checked at the client (browser), a Find Node at times fail to locate the node and if it locates, the Tree Node. It was a nightmare to continue with such a piece of code. Here is the code segment for the same: The usage scenario include change of one node from one parent to another parent node.

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