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For a time, the aura of violence served Knight well.It granted him enormous license in small things (like keeping other executives waiting for hours, without a murmur of objection) and in larger ones.The single mom of three gushed that Tyrone Gilliams “gets me” on the Sunday, Dec. But while Whitfield seemed confident in her new found love, viewers gave her the side eye.En route to a girls’ trip in San Francisco, Whitfield said she began dating Tyrone Gilliams after they lost touch for four years.After beating one of them with the gun, he ordered them both down on their knees, threatened to kill them, and forced them to take off their pants. He did not intend to romanticize Tupac; this friend, like many others, acknowledges that Tupac was famously split between what he himself referred to as his "good" and his "evil" sides, and that it was his darker side that seemed to have gained dominion during much of his tenure at Death Row.He was convicted on assault charges and put on probation. Nonetheless, these friends insist, that was not the real Tupac.

The company earned seventy-five million dollars in revenues last year.

It was nothing for Knight to hand over a stack of hundred-dollar bills to Tupac for a weekend's expenses.

Knight's office in Los Angeles was decorated in red, the color of the Bloods, one of the city's principal gangs.

Music and video producers who claimed that Death Row owed them money were too frightened to demand it, or to sue.

The potential for violence was also a powerful disincentive to anyone who might have considered talking to law-enforcement authorities about questionable practices.

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