Sea camp for adults

There are also fun activities and games that are filled with educational messages about the ocean.

The program is designed by age group, with different activities and educational methods for kids 5 years and above, 10 years and above, 12 years and above, and young adults of 15 years and above. All our kids' dive programs are PADI programs: SASY for kids aged 5-7; Seal Team for kids aged 8 ; Junior Open Water Diver course for kids age 10-14; and Open Water Diver course for young adults aged 15, along with a host of PADI Specialties offered for certified divers aged 10-17.

Not only is a good way to visit the students at camp who you’ve missed, it is a great day to experience what camp has to offer for yourself!

The Teen Leadership Program (Junior Counselors) is a challenging, four-summer leadership course for young adults 14-17.Family Dive Adventures is a division of Kids Sea Camp Inc.Kids Sea Camp is designed as a group travel, including several families and kids who want a family dive vacation.Training includes skill development in camp activity areas, supervised teaching and counseling experiences, and American Red Cross course work for certifications.This unique program helps to instill in young people the self-discipline and motivation to be leaders and role models at camp, at school and in their communities.

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