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And more to the point, Mou Mou came to the AI space through the television world, where she was once a host on Bloomberg TV and, at one point, became the almost-face of a skincare brand in Indonesia.

The line had wanted her to star in a commercial, but when Mou scrutinized the products, she realized she had no idea what was in them.

cares about my likes, my dislikes, my skincare woes—a real litmus test. Siqi Mou, the woman who devised her—and Hello Ava, the platform on which she exists—wanted her to feel like that; good-natured and approachable.

to examine a reddish, scaly patch of skin above one eyebrow for a full six minutes. Ava is a chattery chatterbot, and she will set you at ease.

She had had visions of a custom skincare brand, one that would build individualized products to meet every customer's exact specifications. Ava has questions about the texture of my forehead, the way my skin feels a few hours after I moisturize, what makes my face turn red, my tanning habits, and the air pollution in my neighborhood ("4.

But what she discovered was that most people didn't want a new line or more choices. What if she could give them a resource—that skincare search engine that she'd envisioned. "That's The afternoon before I reach Mou, I test the results of her brainstorm. I don't know") Based on the back-and-forth, Ava has determined my skin-print—one of 32 options that Mou and her team identified in consultation with dermatologists at Mt. And at this point, just when I feel like Ava has glimpsed , Bianca breaks in.

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She recommends Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling — Lemon, "to help dust away dead skin cells and unwanted texture." And while I'd never heard of the the heavier, nighttime moisturizer she suggests, it sounds like a smoothie and I like it.

Yes, Youth to the People Kale Spinach Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Cream. Finally, she validates what I've known to be true for over a decade: "We don't think oil in general is good for your needs." A few clicks later, the full haul is processed through Hello Ava and, a few hours after that, shipped out from its warehouse.

The new regimen adds two steps to my daytime routine and one to my nighttime routine, but I am committed. By the time Mou and I speak in September 2017, Hello Ava has added an additional 250 products to its warehouse and grown to accommodate over 30,000 users. Whenever their skin is acting up or they're not sure whether a product will work for them, they can talk to Ava." Eventually, she wants Hello Ava "to be 90 percent more automated than it is now," a transition that she stresses will happen over time. "We know that if 10 people whose skin is very similar to yours loved this product, then you'll probably love this product as well," Mou says.

"And the more data we collect over time, the better the estimate we'll be able make." That is, the more people talk to Ava, the better and more indispensable she becomes. "We have a real role to play, helping brands with their development and marketing...because of the huge amount of data we’re sitting on," Mou says.

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