Who is dating paul mccartney dating japanese fender bass

He went to see them perform, knew star power when he saw it, and offered to manage them.

Mc Cartney missed their first meeting with him, as he had decided to take a bath instead, but eventually they all connected and a partnership was born.

Tragically, when Mc Cartney was only 14 years old, his mother died of complications after a mastectomy.

His future bandmate, John Lennon, also lost his mother at a young age—a connection that would create a close bond between the two musicians.

The family had four children: Heather (Eastman’s daughter from a previous marriage), Mary, Stella and James.Their local fame earned them an offer to play in Hamburg, and off they went, spending the next three years honing their touring skills, drinking, carousing, and occasionally getting into trouble with the law.While there, Sutcliffe fell in love with local Astrid Kirchherr, an artist and photographer who helped create the Beatles' look, influencing their wardrobe and cutting and styling their hair.Encouraged by his father to try out multiple musical instruments, Paul Mc Cartney began his lifelong love affair with music at an early age.Though he took formal music lessons as a boy, the future star preferred to learn by ear, teaching himself the Spanish guitar, trumpet and piano.

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